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Anime, Comics, Movies, & Games

A.C.M.G. is a passion project that was put together to the pursuit of fandom. 

Once the group run by Andre Stokes and Johnny Brown, VIEW FINDERS I.S.A.D. was given the great opportunity to parent the facebook group and making it a brand that is being recognized by many in the Philadelphia area as well parts of the world.

A.C.M.G. is an adult based social media group on Facebook that celebrates all things anime, comics, movies, and games. 

A place that allows fans to talk with one another about the most popular subjects among each and all genres. 

What started out as only 152 member broke out into over 2600 faithful members enjoying what no other group on social media provides such as sponsored contest such as The OMEGA FIST TOURNAMENT, gaming events, official podcast show, and more.


In just 4 years, A.C.M.G. is becoming the new name in "FAN BASED ENTERTAINMENT".

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