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The ACHIEVERS BRUNCH is an organization founded by Mister Mann Frisby and Randy "Ran"D" Shine which celebrates the academic Black youth that doesn't get the acknowledgement that they deserved for the diligent work that they provided during the course of their school years.

As a way to let them know their hard work didn't go unnoticed the Achievers Brunch is a annual affair where these individuals are appreciated as they head off to their college of choice. 


The event consist of a panel (which I had the honor of being a part of for 2023) that focuses on discussions and issues that the young scholars may need to prep for as they enter a new chapter in their life. 


The honorees are also awarded with scholarships and more to say thank you for your outstanding efforts to maintain a positive impact within their families and the communities.  

Visit their official website

Celebrating young Black excellence

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