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The Achievers Brunch Association makes an appearance on FOX 29's GOOD DAY PHILADELPHIA


One of VIEWFINDERS I.S.A.D. most proudest projects to date when working with the Achievers Brunch Association to help get them the notoriety they needed to help celebrate, honor, and empower future young Black scholars looking to make an impact in their world(s). 

Their great planning along with VIEWFINDERS I.S.A.D.'s top quality branding has led to this. 

This is only the beginning for the ABA. If you would like to help celebrate more young men like these gentlemen visit the official website of the ABA at 

Dax J. Martin-Cheeves (aka Daxavier Josiah)

enters the

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ReedPOP gave anime fans the absolute best in OTAKU entertainment. 

I had the opportunity to host a series of panels featuring the great and talented actors of some of your favorite anime series as we celebrated ANIME WEEK.

A week of ReedPOP METAVERSE VIRTUAL Q&A panels and FANFARE TRIVIA starring the cast of MY HERO ACADEMIA, POKEMON, NARUTO, and more. 


For the second year, A.C.M.G. had the honor of working alongside one of the world's biggest pop culture event producers ReedPOP to cover their sophomore event in Philadelphia KEYSTONE COMIC-CON. 

This time around A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE  was invited to host two of KEYSTONE COMIC-CON's premiere highlight panels which involves two of the most popular video games of all time.

The ART of STREET FIGHTER consisted of the history of the great illustration work provided by UDON ENTERTAINMENT with guest artist and founder LONG VO and very talented artist The CHAMBA.

The VOICES of OVERWATCH celebrated the acting behind some of the fan-favorite voices of the popular e-sport game.  The guest of honor for that panel consisted of actor Fred Tatasciore who is the voice of SOLDIER 76 (among many other characters in animation and video games) and Charlet Chung the voice of the ever-popular D.VA. who talked about there experience working on the award-winning ongoing game.

A fantastic weekend with the main event being the appearance of the Amazing Spider-man himself Tom Holland (right off of the announcement of his iconic character's departure from MARVEL STUDIOS and the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe.)

TALK TIME LIVE was there to see it all front and center to see it all to a packed stage room of over 5000 fans.

Another great year for A.C.M.G. and ReedPOP.

I can't thank the great people of ReedPOP and KEYSTONE COMIC-CON enough for what they have done for myself and the A.C.M.G.  brand. 

The question now ask, what will happen in 2020?

Stay tuned.


In just over a year multimedia developer and host of the now award nominated Dax J. Martin-Cheeves (aka Daxavier Josiah) has gone out of his way to provide the best in "Fan Based Entertainment."

So much so that he has provided listeners of A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE with big named guests in today's world of Anime, Comics, Movies, and Games such as Emmy Award Winner (and client) Maile Flanagan of Disney's Lab Rab Rats, Morgan Berry of the hottest anime today "My Hero Academia", Kyle Hebert and Reuben Langdon (the iconic voices of Ryu and Ken from the legendary Street Fighter video game series), Co creator of the legendary "Ren & Stimpy" Bob Camp, Vic Mignogna (star of Full Metal Alchemist), and much more and many yet to come.

This major impact caught the attention of the famed Philadelphia media group Geekadelphia , as well as the founders of the Philly Geek Awards and Generocity.

This led to the a volume of support by many which then led to the announcement on Sept 22, 2016 that proclaimed A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE as an official nominee of this year's PHILLY GEEK AWARDS.

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 we will see in fact if TALK TIME live will leave the 2016 "Multimedia project of the year" and truly claim the title as the NEW name in "Fan Based Entertainment."

On behalf of the cast of TALK TIME LIVE (Andre Stokes, Lou Johnson, Meghan Walsh, and Terrance Simon) we thank Geekadelphia,, and Generocity for acknowleging the hardwork and dilegence that is passionately put into making the show what it is.

We would also like to thank all of our listeners, and guest who supported TALK TIME LIVE since it's debut. 

It is that support that will allow of to provide you with the energy to entertain.

Thank you all.

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