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"The VISION" which is what I call my logo was inspired by my former college art/design teacher the late Bob Paige who taught me a great deal about perspective.

I use this symbol as a way to remind me to take a much broader look at myself as well as the world around me. By having what I call a third dimensional mentality of the world allows me to approach my client's project(s) with empathy towards their goals. 


The prime goal of VIEW FINDERS I.S.A.D.'s vision is to not only get you the look that you and your target audience is looking for but to make absolutely sure that you have an identity in the business world. Logos in my opinion should allow a person to communicate its purpose visually without always having to explain it. VF: I.S.A.D.

creates elegant, sharp, and eye-catching designs that provides a feel of subtly and simplicity. Logo designed by 

VF: I.S.A.D. can result in people showing much interest in your works. 

Logos (as well as all projects) are done diligently and expeditiously to assure time sensitivity and client satisfaction.




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