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LGB Imports Inc. is a company designed to assist others through the process of logistical management. 

After over 54 years and liquidating company assets Gilbert Benjamin decided not to retire but put his 54 years of logistic management ownership to use for others.  LGB Imports was formed in March of 2022 with the intent to help companies in need of all types of logistic management from Ocean shipping, Customs Consulting, transportation, warehousing, and distribution of freight both domestic and foreign. 

Gil recognized that to reach out to his target audience he needed a website to further establish his business.

He sought the services of VIEWFINDERS I.S.A.D. to provide him with a presentation that will meet the quality of service he brings to his clientele.

We were able to provide him with a simple and effective site and a logo that will gain the attention of his peers and colleagues alike and way within the deadline.


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