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CHEF Cecila Ganier has many talents.

One as a songstress and the other with the talent for taste.

She represents the heritage of French Creole culture of New Orleans and her way of keeping up with its tradition is becoming one of the finest Spring Roll chefs in the city of Philadelphia.

Chef Ganier created ROLLIN with the SPRINGS among other things as a way to show the world her unique and flavorable culinary skills.

Her brand of spring rolls are a must for any foodie with an exquisite pallet.

Mastering a variety of spring rolls along with other entrees from the Big Easy including gumbo, stuffed portobello mushrooms, honey fried cornish hen, and much much more.

Always catering to a packed crowd lined up to get a piece of that Creole Soul. 

Keep an eye out for her as she continues to evolve both flavors and her business.

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