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Tracy and Marlys Martin are sisters that were determined to prove to those who deny them opportunities and started a cleaning business with each other. 

With the right ambition to provide great service for any home or office, they needed the right look that would attract potential customers. 

They looked far and wide yet they were unsuccessful in multiple attemtps to find someone who understood what they truly needed to give an identity to their business venture. 

Fortunately for them VIEW FINDERS I.S.A.D. entered their world and knew exactly the right look they needed to gain the attention of those who seeked their cleaning services. 

For over a decade they have acheived satisfaction and quality and now they have the logo and presence to match with it. 

They have been so successful that they had an article written about them on the Times Herald Business website. 

The result of their updated branding has afforded them opportunities they've always dreamed of having and more.

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