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It was in the plans to expand the brand of A.C.M.G. since its development. The idea of a podcast has come to mind but didn't see the light of day until three years later.

TALK TIME LIVE (which airs on iHeart Radio iTunes, STITCHER Radio, Google Play, Podbean, and TALKTIMELIVE.COM) is a podcast that caters to all things anime, comics, movies, and games. It is an extension of the enjoyment of what A.C.M.G.  provides on social media.

While on-air host Dax J. Martin-Cheeve (aka Daxavier Josiah) covers all of the things going on in the world of fan-based pop culture. 

I needed a brand that spoke to the world of media and let people know we mean business and we provide the best in Fan Based Entertainment. 

The logos represent that with it's the asymmetrical yet sleek design which gave us a more sophisticated feel that would appeal to multiple demographics.

With the help of the logo and consistency with promotions through social media the show has resulted in a continuous growth in listenership and a guest list of well-known names in the anime, comics, movies, and game industry such as Kyle Hebert, Maile Flanagan, Rueban Langdon, Ren and Stimpy Co-creator Bob Camp, Morgan Berry, Living Single's  T.C. CARSON, Marvel Comics/Animated writer Geoff Thorne and many more.


Within over a year TALK TIME LIVE has achieved a great amount of success in a very short time where other shows starting off have yet to accomplish.



live show AT KEYSTONE CC


TALK TIME LIVE's success has grown over the years and has even been invited by ReedPOP (one of the top leading comic book convention companies in the world) to host two of their Highlight panels at Philadelphia's KEYSTONE COMIC-CON.

This goes to show with the right vision, planning, passion, and brand you can go very far.

A.C.M.G. presents TALK TIME LIVE


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